How to play

“Covid friendly way to play”

If you’re playing using social distancing, or with a Zoom-like program, every player gets their own joint, and only one discard pile shall be used for everyone (whose) discard pile depends on what the players agree to. Everything else still works the same. For example, if you throw a skip, take a hit of your own blunt/joint, while the person who would have been next puts theirs down. Have fun, be safe, get stoned!

The set up: 3-6 players works best. Start with a pre rolled blunt or blunts, a lighter and an ashtray, spread the deck into a circle with the blunts, ashtray, and lighter in the middle of the circle

Game play: everyone picks up 7 cards (from anywhere) newest person to the game picks up an 8th card and places it face up in the middle of the circle to start the discard pile, game play starts with the person to the left of the “newest” person.
You have to match either by the number, color, or the special command cards. For instance, if the discard pile has a red card that’s an 8 you must place either a red card or a card with an 8 on it. You can also play a wild card (which will alter the current color in play)

If the player has no matches they must draw from the draw pile, if that card can be played, play it. Otherwise they must continue to pick up cards until they can play one. They have up to 4 chances to get a playable card if not their turn is over. When you get down to one card don’t forget to say “BLUNTO” or another player can call it for you and they’ll receive the blunt and you’ll receive a penalty card.
When someone wins the remaining players must do the “Blunto Salute” (hand from table to forehead) as quickly as they can, last one to salute loses judged by the winner (who doesn’t salute)

LIGHTING/HITTING THE BLUNT: In order to get the blunt lit the game must pass through all 4 colors first, the person who can legitimately change the card in the discard pile to the fourth and final color is the person who gets to light the blunt. (For instance if the discard pile started with a red 8, and someone else plays a blue 8, then red and blue have already been played and the other two colors need to make an appearance before the blunt can be lit. if someone then threw a wild card and changes the color to purple, then the last color played to get the blunt lit in this scenario, would be GREEN. (The one who puts that color down is the one who gets to spark the blunt)
After its agreed that the blunt is hitting well, any color change or any special command card will get you hits/blunt ownership.

Special command cards

  • Skip: gets you ownership of the blunt, and skips the persons turn after you
  • Rewind: gets you ownership of the blunt, and reverses the turn to the person before you.
  • Deuces: gives you the choice of either taking two hits from the blunt (which aren’t fully guaranteed) OR making any player pick up 2 cards, but not both (unless you change the color by using a deuces card then you get the blunt for the color change and can assign 2 cards to anyone to pick up)

Wild cards

  • Regular wild: gets you the blunt and allows a color change
  • Draw 4 wild: just like a regular wild but if you choose to you can make any one player pick up 4 cards
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