What’s the minimum amount of players for a game ?

3 players minimum.

What’s the object of the game?

To get rid of all your cards while earning hits off the blunt.

How do I know if a card gets me the blunt/hits off the blunt?

Besides changing the color, or playing a wild card, If you aren’t sure if the card you’re holding will get you the blunt look for the special “black leaf symbol” in the corner of the card, if you see that, then it indicates that the card is a special command card and will get you either blunt ownership or hits off the blunt. (Make sure you vocally say, “Give me the blunt”)

Once I get the blunt how many times can I hit it?

If you have blunt ownership, you can hit it as many times or as few times as you want, if it’s a card that gets you 2 hits like “deuces” then you only get 2 hits and must return the blunt back to the original owner unless new ownership has occurred. (Make sure you vocally say, “Give me the blunt”)

What’s the vicinity of mouth rule?

If a player is in the middle of a hit or the blunt is close to the vicinity of their mouth during a change of possession, that player can finish that hit. However if its no where near their mouth when the change of possession occurs, and the player decides to hit it, then they must take a penalty card for that hit and pass it immediately to the rightful owner.

What happens if I use a deuces card to take 2 hits but another player changes color/uses a special card during my first hit?

2 hits are NEVER fully guaranteed, many times players will give you “professional courtesy” and allow you to finish however many times its every man for themselves and they will play their card during your hit, if so then you must immediately pass to the rightful owner of the blunt (unless its already in the vicinity of your mouth, then you may finish the hit before passing the blunt)

Can I use a draw 4 wild and give two players 2 cards each instead of one player 4 cards?

No. The burden of cards must fall on ONE player only if you choose to make a player pick.

What happens if I forget to assign cards and someone plays their hand?

If you forgot to verbally assign cards or the other player quickly plays his or her hand before you can verbally say it, then your turn is over and no one picks up.

Can I assign cards before the blunt is lit?

No the blunt must already be lit in order to assign cards or even take a hit

Can I throw multiple cards?

You can try to sneakily get away with throwing multiple cards but if someone notices and calls it on you then you must pick up the cards you tried to throw and your turn is over. However, if no one says anything you’re safe once the next player plays his or her hand.

Can I throw a 9 on a 6 or vice versa?

Yes, if no one notices you’re safe when the next player plays their card. However if someone calls it on you then you must take back the card you tried to pass off and your turn is over.

What happens if a player falsely calls you out for throwing multiple or trying to pass off a 6/9?

If another player FALSLEY calls you out, then they must pick up a penalty card when you prove they were wrong.

What should I do when I get down to one card?

As soon as you let go of the second to last card say “BLUNTO” and you’ll receive the blunt, however if someone else calls it before you do, they get the blunt and you have to pick up a penalty card

What happens if “BLUNTO” is called at the exact same time?

The tie goes to the person holding BLUNTO

What happens if the blunt is finished but the game is still going?

You can either choose to light the next blunt at that moment and continue game play, or finish the game without it.However its important to note that once the blunt is out, any card that makes a person draw (like a draw4 or deuces) becomes void and can no longer be used to make someone pick up cards, this ensures that the game comes to an eventual end and doesn’t run long.

What happens if we run out of cards to pick from?

The person who needs to pick up a card when there isn’t any left is the one person who has to shuffle the deck (make sure to separate the discard pile card from the rest and also not to lose your cards in the shuffle)

How do you win/lose?

A player wins when they get rid of their last card, however a player loses when they are the last one to do the “BLUNTO SALUTE”

Is there a special way to shuffle the deck?

Yes, instead of the bridge shuffle use the deal out method, where you “deal” one card to a spot on the table, and another card to a different spot, ensuring no two cards are next to one another until all cards have been shuffled.

How do you do “The Blunto Salute”?

When you see a player has one card left and their turn is coming up, preemptively place your hand on the table and when they throw down their last card, bring the back of your hand to your forehead as fast as you can. Last person to salute is the loser (judged by the winner, who doesn’t salute)

What do you call the winner/loser?

We affectionately refer to the winner as “The Big Chief” and the loser as “The Big Fiend” until a new winner/loser is named. (The big fiend is the only loser and has the responsibility of stacking the cards in a pile once the game is over.)

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